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Exhibition Design & Curation


Lines of thought, lines of research, lines of making: six practitioners, each representing different disciplines and discourses, inhabit a moment pervaded by uncertainty about the status of craft in the face of the plethora of techniques made available by the computer. The work presented here can neither erase that doubt, nor re-solidify atavistic notions of craft and artisanship. Instead, modes of working push to the fore.

Displayed here are forty-nine such modes, in the various guises of tools, iterations, documents, and artifacts of process. The six lines collectively form a two-dimensional array to be traversed in series, laterally, or at random. Each sequence formed requires a reevaluation of craft and its possible alignments across discipline and discourse.

A common thread within this divergent group is the interrogation of tools themselves. Their processes entail iteration both on artifacts and on the means of producing those artifacts. The means alternate between different forms—hand tools, fictional narratives, robots, or lines of code—but their root is the same: a routine questioning of established frameworks for artistic production, and an ongoing search for new ones. The focus on iteration and process over product belies an insistence on the construction of the project itself; determining not an endpoint but a trajectory along which multiple outcomes are possible.

Artists: John Caserta, Kai Franz, Carl Lostritto, Ogrydziak Prillinger Architects, Stefanie Pender, Andrew Raftery
Design team: Will Gant

Exhibited at the RISD Architecture Gallery